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What does art mean to you? Denver artwork means everything to us! Excitement, fun, passion, freedom and so much more! Come to explore the many layers and faces behind the Denver art scene. Art in its rawest form is creativity. We bleed creation in everything we do. The artist is always making something. Sometimes our own brains get away from us. But hey we’re having a blast! May our creations propel, compel and change you for the better. Come to grow and expand with us. This website is brand new and will be a constant evolution. We want to hear from you. Find Denver artists here.

We’re looking for writers, collaborators, artists, ideas and a simple hello!

Discover how close nit the Denver art community really is. To hear a familiar name or see a familiar face is more common than you would think. We’re all connected. We want to make it easy for you to find the best Denver artists that match your style and tastes! Learn, grow, explore and create.

We love music, poetry, theatre, sculptures, and paintings of all types.

Connect with us, engage and Get your ArT on! We love music, poetry, theatre, sculptures, and all kinds of paintings. What is your favorite type of art? Who is your favorite artist and why? Comment below for a chance to win a free featured article submission, art and more!

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Denver artwork is more than a culture. It is a real community of art lovers and enthusiasts of all types. We don’t care what you look like, or what type of clothes you wear! We care about your ideas, your passion and creativity. How can we come together and make the Denver art community even stronger and better? We think this website will be one of those solutions. We have open comment threads on almost all pages of this site. Without you, this website is nothing. Without the observer, our artwork is dead. You give our artwork life and help us continue to spread beauty in this ever increasingly mechanical world. Let’s add some color to Denver and paint Colorado together!

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Poem of the Month

Jan 2020

To be born excludes the right to growth
Within is where the music plays
Colors vibrating a symphony of creation
May the meek roar like the fiercest lion
Assimilation dies with identity
Create your metaphysical manifestation metamorphosis
Dream vividly, love intensely, give until there is nothing left
Your eyes stay bright from divinity
Greater than thyself
Give all away and return to dust
Live forever

Zachary Wennstedt – 1/22/20

The Denver Artwork THINK TANK

We want your ideas! Help us evolve. Want to contribute? Write? Do art together? Just let us know and we can make some cool things happen together!

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The Lumonics School of Light Art

By Barry Raphael, School Administrator

The  Lumonics School of Light Art, founded by Dorothy Tanner, opened in October, 2018. Lumonics is among the earliest and longest-running light art studios in the U.S. One of the first lighted geometric shapes created in the studio was the cube, which is what we teach students to make. Some of the cubes in our studio are over 50 years old, and still look new.

Students are guided in an intimate studio setting to create their own one-of-a-kind cube which they will take home after the course is completed. Some knowledge of shop tools is recommended although not required.  Students do what is comfortable for them. Marc Billard, the instructor and co-director of the School, will do the construction for any step if requested.

We have a model to view, one of Dorothy’s lighted cubes, to give you creative ideas. You will learn how to electrify your art work using LED bulbs/LED strips dependent on your project, learn what shop tools are required, and how to use them.  You will add your creativity to the art work to bring it to completion on the final session.

You do not have to be an artist to take this course, but will feel more artistic and confident of your artistic abilities when the class concludes. Just walking into the studio/gallery fires the imagination. If you are an artist but do not have experience working with Plexiglas, some of the shop tools, or LED lighting, this is a great opportunity.

1, 2 and 4-session classes are available for students, depending on their time schedules. One of the most popular days are Saturdays. Classes are limited to 4 students so each person receives a lot of personal attention.

The cost is $240 + material costs of $65 to create your light sculpture, a total of $305. You are welcome to tour the facility before enrolling.

The Lumonics School of Light Art is the recipient of Westword’s Best Of Denver Award, 2019.

Recipient of Westword’s Best Of Denver Award, 2019

If you’re looking for something NEW to do, check out Lumonics School of Light  Art. Awesome art studio that allows you to test your creativity in a brand new medium. LOVE THIS PLACE
– Todd R.
Great way to explore your use of light and alteration in in your art. Great folks to work with. Wonderful environment to be creative. lots of light color and form for inspiration surrounds you. Marc is AWESOME! I had so very much fun.  Thank you again for your flexibility around my class times! I recommend taking this class 100%
– Jenny B.
This was a wonderful and exciting class!  Every one of us shared delight at each step of the way as Marc demonstrated one cool technique after another.  All of the colors, textures, and creativity made for a wonderful (and too short!) experience, with the best part being the exquisite piece of art we each got to take home.  I can’t wait for the next class!
– Sandy M.

How to reach us:

Phone 303.568.9406
Email:  lumonics@gmail.com
Website: www.lumonics.net/artclass

Visit us:

Lumonics School of Light Art
800 E. 73 Ave., Unit 11
Denver, CO 80229

Please leave a comment and tell us what art means to you! What’s your favorite type of art and why?

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  • I really love all types of art. It’s very hard for me to pick a favorite. But I would have to say abstract art above all. Its sheer diversity is seemingly unending. And its one form of art I have enjoyed doing personally. I come across abstract art sculptures and paintings that never cease to amaze me with their uniqueness and creativity! #Denverart #denverartsdistrict


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