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Denver Artists

Denver artists come from all over the world. Want to be featured on this page too? Reach out to us here. The Denver art scene is a ton of fun and Denver artists are in full fledge creation mode 24/7! Why would anyone buy art from a big box store? Support local artists who put some serious TLC into their work. Denver has about any type of art you could imagine. Find a piece that moves you and is perfect for that room. No matter your style or taste, we’re here to help you find the art you love! Enjoy! #Denverarts  #theartyoulove

Zachary Tye Wennstedt

I’m incredibly passionate about the arts and it’s endless possibilities. I love to use color and texture to create artwork that’s unique, colorful and sometimes thought provoking. Growing up in the Boulder Colorado area made thinking outside the box easy. I like to try new things and explore utilizing different materials in my art. Some of my favorite pieces have had concrete, clothing and even trash. There’s so many incredible Denver artists that help me come up with new ideas for my own artwork.

Art to me is more than the art itself. It’s really about the art community and the lives the art can touch. Art can make us feel good and experience several emotions when viewing/perceiving. I’ve probably given away as much art as I’ve sold and really enjoy when someone connects with my work. Overall, it’s just a lot of fun and I love meeting new people within the art community. Artists and non-artists alike. I’m excited to be a part of the Denver art community and want to help it grow even more. 

Olga Zonova

I have been drawing since childhood. In high school I visited classes at an art school. When it came time to choose an institution of higher learning, I switched to computer design to get a degree in the field of information technology in design. I have been doing graphic design and web design for 8 years.
But a few years ago I decided to return to drawing and acrylics. In art school we painted in gouache. Therefore, it was easier for me to start painting with acrylic paints.

I love to draw bright positive pictures, but I am still searching for my personal style. Recently I tried to paint using liquid acrylic and cover the paintings with epoxy. It was very exciting.

Drawing gives me pleasure and helps me to feel the shape of objects better. I like to transfer what I see around me to the canvas.

Sometimes I also look through Instagram and find interesting ideas for pictures. It is important not to put any restrictions on your work, you can draw absolutely anything! The main thing is to enjoy the process.
I try to set aside an hour or two in the morning before any other work for the day.

When the day begins with drawing, it will be a wonderful day.

Olga Zonova

Find art that moves you! One man's trash is another man's treasure. Subjective perception is such a beautiful thing. The Denver art community is oozing with creativity and artists are pushing the limits. Discover the limitless possibilities on a journey of self-discovery and arts. Art can lift your senses high. See beautiful paintings, listen to groovy music, watch something to make you laugh or create till your heart's content. Art equals growth. Have fun and explore and support your local arts today.